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TIDBIT: There are approx 1.65 million dairy cows in Australia compared to approx 100 milking camels...that's a ratio of 16,500 cows:1 camel!
That's a pretty special milk!
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Testimony 1

"We have just finished our first batch of Camel Milk for our son who is allergic to cow milk protein. He has had no reaction, hallelujah!...I made custard and he begs for more. I'm so excited that such a great product is available so close to home.

We love your product!!! Thank you so much for taking a risk in setting up such an unusual enterprise. We look forward to a long future of cooking with Camel Milk!"

Heidi Schmidt
Port Lincoln, South Australia

Humpback Healing: Autism One 2012

Testimony 2

"I saw a show on the ABC about the health benefits of Camel Milk and its use in the treatment of Autism. I had no way to get Camel Milk until fate brought 2 people, Warwick and Tj, and their camels to Port Germein. Not only am I using the milk on my Psoriasis, I give my granddaughter a cup a day. Very quickly I started receiving comments from my granddaughters teachers and after school tutors asking what I was doing differently. I told them I was giving her Camel Milk and they said "Keep doing it!" The difference in her was amazing.

Sue Perovick
Port Germein, South Australia         

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Benefits of Camel Milk

For centuries, cultures around the world have known about the health properties of Camel Milk and are still using it to this day as a natural therapy and nutritional aid.

Humpalicious Camel Milk is currently being used in international research and the results are exciting, showing not only an impressive nutrient profile, but massive immune and antioxidant potential. Few people realise that 85% of the body’s lymph nodes can be found in the gut, making it the body’s largest immune organ (McDonald & Bateman 2007 as cited in Baker, H. & Day, B. Probiotics: where are they going next? New and emerging areas of research. British Nutrition Foundation Nutrition Bulletin, 33 (2008), 359–363)

Predominantly allergy free and anti-inflammatory, Humpalicious Camel Milk is being embraced by the lactose and casein intolerant Australia wide.

Humpalicious Camels free range on natural desert pasture and are grain and gluten free.
To read studies on camel milk go to our Blog HERE .

For some great info on camel milk being used in medical research and in the treatment of Autism, Diabetes and other diseases check out Dr Millie Hinkle's site at: