About Us

The Humpalicious story began 30 years ago in the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara Lands, of the Great Victorian desert, South Australia. Whilst working in the lands as a 21 year old rabbit shooter, Warwick formed a strong relationship with Pitjantjatjara elder Roger Kayipipi, who educated Warwick in the ways, culture and language of the Pitjantjatjara people.
Roger and Warwick first started mustering camels in the APY Lands in1987, with the guidence of camel expert Paddy Mchugh. The pair mustered camels in the outback for 8 years, providing for the meat and tourism markets.

At this point in time, the health and medicinal benefits of Camel Milk were little known in the west.
Fast forward to 2013. Husband and wife team, Warwick and Tj embarked on a trip to the desert to reconnect with Roger and the lands.

Whilst on this trip, they were told about Camel Milk and it's endless list of properties and health benefits. At the same time, Tj had been studying to become a chef, and had been introduced to the dangers of modern highly processed dairy and its link to preventable disease such as heart disease, diabetes,autism and other autoimmune conditions. These were all timely discoveries as Warwick and Tj were on the lookout for a business idea, "We had decided that any business we pursued would be ethical, sustainable and good for mankind." Given that Australia is truly the lucky country when it comes to large herds of wild and healthy camels, and that Warwick was armed with the skills and knowledge needed to muster and train wild camels, coupled with Tj's passion for reconnecting humanity with real food, Camel Milk presented itself as the perfect project!

The couple immediately saw the potential for a Supermilk that far surpassed any other modern dairy in regard to health and offered hope as a nutritional aid to those with many ailments.

Over the course of several years and several musters later, along with much energy and many challenges, we are now the proud keepers of a herd of 60 camels.
"Every day we continue to learn about Camel Milk and improve our processes and production. We are so excited about the health potentials of this product and be in the position to offer the world's first Supermilk!"

The current Humpalicious milking herd consists of Beadie, Ginger, Vanilla, Blackie, Domino, Dotty, Bintang, Pumpkin, Gemma, Chocko, Gracie, Myrtle, Sahara, Neo, Wonky, and Pauline.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.